30. May 2018

Salon Kreativ, Berlin: What is the future of Creative Business Leadership?

Creative Business Leadership is a dynamic and multidimensional approach to leadership. It not only integrates a mission to learn and grow as individuals and communities, but to respond swiftly to today’s shifting talent environments, complex business activities, and accelerating global markets. Join us for the next Salon Kreativ on May, 31! This lively discussion will feature a panel of practitioners from the Berlin School global community whose own ongoing learning and evolving leadership illustrate the power of Creative Business Leadership and will help to orient others in adopting the approach in their lives and work.

Panel: Leonard Sommer, Right Hemiphere, SOMMER+SOMMER, Marie Reig Florensa, CoCreativity Evangelist & Facilitator, Marilia Lobo, Head of Strategy & Learning Innovation, Berlin School of Creative Leadership, Nav Quirti, Business & Design Consultant, Ideactio Inc., (Singapore), Moderator: David Slocum, Faculty Director, Berlin School of Creative Leadership

Questions answered…
• How are these far-reaching principles put into everyday practice by creative business leaders?
• In what ways are diversity and learning, community and complexity, at the heart of successful leadership?
• In which directions will Creative Business Leadership continue to evolve?

Date: Thu. 31. May 2018, 7pm

Location: DRIVE. VW Group Forum, Friedrichstraße 84, 10117 Berlin