08. May 2017

SOMMER+SOMMER commissions robot artist Gijs van Bon to bring the “forest of wishes” to life for forest protection organization PEFC.

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), the world’s largest forest protection organization, is promoting sustainable forest management via an unusual initiative in partnership with the companies toom Baumarkt, BAUHAUS, Ostheimer, Decker and WestRock. At events across Germany and on the companies’ online and social media channels, the campaign partners have been asking people to submit their personal wishes for the forest of the future since mid-January. For every wish submitted, a digital tree grows in the “forest of wishes” at www.wunschwald.com.

To stage this interactive forest of wishes as a live performance in the real world, SOMMER+SOMMER brought internationally renowned performance artist Gijs van Bon on board. Using sand, his robot Skryf wrote the wishes with the most Likes in the middle of the forest, resulting in a string of wishes almost 500 meters long.

The film of the spectacular art initiative is being distributed via the partners’ social media channels (Director: Moritz Schreiner, Production: The Royal Film Company, London).