20. Jun 2014

Alcon® launches Europe-wide digital campaign for AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses

This June, Novartis subsidiary ALCON® – the world’s leading manufacturer of contact lenses – launched a new member of the AIR OPTIX product family in Europe: AIR OPTIX® COLORS, the first oxygen-permeable color contact lenses on the market. The lenses boast a remarkably natural color-change effect thanks to their ingenious color technology, and are also the first color contact lenses suitable for daily wear due to their long wearability. To accompany the market launch, Alcon Europe (Geneva) commissioned creative agency SOMMER+SOMMER (Stuttgart) and PR agency Cohn & Wolfe (New York/London) to develop and execute a comprehensive online, social media and PR campaign to be rolled out in 10 European countries.

At the center of the international PR campaign are two testimonials: American TV and film actress Nina Dobrev, star of the series “Vampire Diaries”, and her stylist Ilaria Urbinati, whose clients also include Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck. In a series of PR and social media promotions, Dobrev and Urbinati highlight ways to complement different looks with an alternative eye color and tailor your eye color to your personality.

To help the campaign go viral, the creative team at SOMMER+SOMMER also developed an eye color test (http://www.eyecolor-test.com/de) for worldwide use. Based on a study, the test gives users fascinating insights into how eye color affects perceptions of personality. The majority of women surveyed in the study associated eye colors with different character traits: for instance, 34% associated brown eyes with intelligence, 16% with likeability and another 16% with reliability. In just 60 seconds, the entertaining online test lets users find out which eye color matches their personality. Users are asked about their ambitions, beauty/care regime, values and character traits. After getting the result, they can then upload a photo of themselves to the virtual Color Studio (http://airoptixcolors.de/#color_offerings) to see how they’d look with AIR OPTIX COLORS® lenses in the color matching their personality.


To coincide with the AIR OPTIX COLORS® product campaign, Alcon is also launching a tongue-in-cheek YouTube campaign entitled “My first time” on October 20th. In a 90-second film, contact lens-wearers talk about their thoughts and fears before their first “date” with the optician. The concept, an unusual one for the pharmaceutical industry, is also the brainchild of Stuttgart-based creative agency SOMMER+SOMMER (Direction: Marc Lutz; Production: Silbersalz, Stuttgart). Take a look at the 90 second version (LINK Youtube). Planned by Starcom, the YouTube campaign is launching simultaneously in 10 European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom). For the campaign, SOMMER+SOMMER has also developed the Europe-wide website wearlenses.eu, which showcases all ALCON® products.