16. Apr 2014

SOMMER+SOMMER wins marketing contract for Uhu

Adhesive brand Uhu, headquartered in Bühl in southwest Germany, has developed a new product: a glue stick that’s sustainable. The company has commissioned Stuttgart-based agency Sommer+Sommer to spearhead the product’s international marketing. As well as developing communications approaches for the international launch of the new glue stick, named ReNature, the communications experts at Sommer+Sommer are also preparing point of sale materials and sales materials, and devising a print campaign. A product film on YouTube showcases the glue stick’s benefits. Additionally, Sommer+Sommer has drawn up guidelines and concepts for adapting the launch campaign to local markets (such as Germany). Ralf Schniedenharn, Director of Corporate Marketing and R&D, is responsible for the project at Uhu.

The ReNature glue stick stands for sustainability. According to the manufacturer, the container is made from 58 percent renewable raw materials. Thanks to the use of bioplastic derived from sugarcane, carbon emissions during production are 46 percent lower than if conventional petroleum-based raw materials were used. The glue itself is solvent-free and made from 70 percent natural raw materials.

The new range of sustainable glue sticks has already won accolades. ReNature has been the awarded the Austrian Ecolabel by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. It was also crowned the 2014 Product of the Year in the ‘Sustainability’ category by the German Industrial Association for Paper, Office Materials and Stationery.

As well as the ReNature campaign, Sommer+Sommer is also responsible for developing a number of other international communication campaigns for Uhu this year, for product ranges including Uhu Patafix Transparent, Uhu All Purpose Adhesive, Uhu Super Glue and Uhu Stic.