29. Oct 2013

Frankfurt Stock Exchange launches campaign with guarantee of quality and new brand slogan.

In a press conference on 28 October 2013, Deutsche Börse announced a new guarantee of quality:

Starting on Friday, November 1, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange will buy and sell to investors at prices equal to or better than those in the respective reference market. If this guarantee cannot be kept, investors will be refunded the difference. The specialists on the floor of the stock exchange are responsible for implementing this promise of quality, using both technology and their own expertise.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is also set to grow further in significance, as its certificates and leveraged products business – previously the responsibility of the Scoach brand – is to become part of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange brand. This means private investors can now trade over a million different securities in Frankfurt.

In light of this new structure, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is adopting a new slogan: “Mein Platz zum Handeln” (“My place for trading”).

In November, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is also launching an image campaign featuring several different motifs. The campaign aims to communicate to private investors that trading in shares at Germany’s most historic stock exchange in Frankfurt is the safe choice. The campaign will appear in German publications with large readerships, including Der Spiegel, Focus and Guter Rat magazine, as well as in online media appropriate to the target group.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is also planning another campaign phase to communicate its new USP in industry-specific online and print media.

The main aim of the new promise of quality and the communication campaign is to make private investors aware of the excellent service offered by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Many investors still do not choose a trading center themselves, instead leaving the decision to their bank’s investment advisor or simply accepting the default settings when banking online. As a result, the proportion of orders traded off-market has greatly increased in recent years.

The campaign aims to address private investors more directly and help them see the value in choosing their own trading center. The aim of the new price guarantee is to differentiate Deutsche Börse, which operates the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, more strongly from off-market trading and to emphasize quality.

The new slogan and the online and offline campaign to communicate the new guarantee of quality were developed by creative agency SOMMER+SOMMER, which has worked for Deutsche Börse for five years.