26. Oct 2013

Campaign kick-off for the „day & night contact lense“

More than 20 % of all freelancers and executive officers in the German communications and IT sector on average work for 60 hours a week or longer. An ever increasing globalization and the need for round-the-clock availability will even amplify this situation in the future. Other professional groups, e.g. doctors, lawyers or investment bankers, work no less.

Alcon® Vision Care, one of the biggest manufacturers of contact lenses worldwide, launches a campaign for AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY AQUA® by end of October to directly address professionals with long working hours. Part of the campaign is a big test promotion at Fielmann – there the „day & night contact lense“ can be tried free of charge.

Conception and execution of the campaign in all media were both created by the Stuttgart-based creative agency SOMMER+SOMMER. Credits as photographer go to Stefan Schütz and the media agency is Zenith in Munich. The campaign focuses primarily on widespread print media such as brand eins, werben & verkaufen, c`t, Wirtschaftswoche, Capital, Manager Magazin as well as on specialist titles like Deutsches Ärzteblatt, Anwaltsblatt or private banking magazin. The campaign is heavily promoted online as well – including heise-online or finanzen.net.