05. May 2011

Frankfurt opens the floor to the future with Xetra.

Deutsche Börse marks historic move with campaign. 

23 May will be a historic day for the Frankfurt stock exchange. Deutsche Börse is switching over all floor trading to the Xetra trading system, allowing Germany’s leading stock exchange to offer the best of both worlds: all the high-tech benefits of ultra-modern Xetra technology combined with the individual management and know-how of trading floor specialists. To mark the move, marketplace organiser Deutsche Börse is running a campaign through online and offline media. 

On 23 May, all trading on the Frankfurt trading floor – at Germany’s most traditional and well-known exchange – is switching lock, stock and barrel to the Xetra trading system. After the switch, it will be possible to order over 40,000 securities (shares, ETFs, ETCs, ETNs, funds and bonds) directly through Xetra specialists. As before, private investors need only enter Frankfurt as the trading centre in their bank’s order form or order forms provided by their online broker.

Switching floor trading to Xetra, which already enjoys international renown as an ultra-modern trading system, will make private trading quicker, safer, more liquid and more than anything: more efficient. One thing is set stay the same in Frankfurt, however – personal aspects, in the form of one-on-one supervision for each order and the combined knowledge of all specialists in Xetra Frankfurt.

The countdown to the “Trading Floor of the Future” starts ticking on 2 May 2011

To mark this historic move, Deutsche Börse is planning a marketing and PR campaign under the German slogan “Xetra kommt. Frankfurt bleibt.” (Xetra’s coming. Frankfurt’s staying). The campaign will last from May to October. The aim of the campaign is to dispel uncertainty and enhance the appeal of ordering through the Frankfurt stock exchange even further. To promote its campaign microsite, www.dasparkettderzukunft.de, the exchange will be running a series of press ads, radio spots, online advertising and promotions at trade fairs. It will also organise social media activities in Facebook, the German student platform StudiVZ, the business networking site Xing and the stock exchange’s own YouTube channel. The campaign draws to a close in October. It was created by advertising agency SOMMER+SOMMER, which has been working on the Deutsche Börse account for the past three years.